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ok what you want to know?  if its not here.. sugest it.. and i might put it up!
  1. name: ryan ingalls
  2. age: 24
  3. screen names: nudelles on yahoo, aim and msn
  4. height: 6'2
  5. weight: around 230
  6. sports: football (in high school)  wheeling, paintball
  7. hobbies: old tractors,engines, 4x4's,my truck, my jeep, cars, paintball, wheeling, all that stuff..
  8. instrument: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and drums 
  9. car: MOPAR!! of course!
  10. gf: Kari
  11. pet: dog named Rita
  12. dream car: 1970 hemi cuda or a 1970 Dodge Charger Daytona
  13. college: ferris state
  14. major: auto tech. and Heavy equip. tech.